Air Conditioner, Refrigeration and Washing Machine Repair Services

Freezing Cool Services excels in offering superior AC services for clients in and around Riyadh, Sodia. Our young and dynamic team of well-trained AC technicians render a host of AC repair services like duct cleaning, piping, gas refilling, water leakage fixing, damaged cooling coil repair, etc. Your AC machine, so that come summer you are capable to cool your home without any require for Air Conditioning service. The Riyadh AC cooling Center is well thought-out to be the simply official place to proffer subsequent to sales services.The repairing services are available by professional technicians and technicalities obtainable twenty four hours at Riyadh AC cooling Center. Each and every product that comes out from the industrialized residence can be repaired at this place.Riyadh AC cooling Center will give a weather in which our staff can understand their fullest possible. Contact us for getting our prompt, reliable and cost-effective AC services.

Air Conditioners Are An Integral Appliance

Air conditioners are an integral appliance to every household and offices these days. The passage of time, consumption and life of the assembled parts in an air conditioner ask for maintenance, which if not carried out on time result in a malfunction. We understand how frustrating it can be when you come home from outside on a hot afternoon and you get to know that the Air conditioner has malfunctioned. It becomes more irritating when a slow repairing service eats up your whole day. Time now to say goodbye to trouble. Call us and we will get your AC fixed before the day falls.

Air Conditioning Repair Services In Riyadh

Riyadh Cooling Centre offers quality air conditioning repair services in Riyadh and its surroundings. Our team of skilled technicians offers a comprehensive pool of services which include duct cleaning, gas refilling, piping, water leakage fixing and repairs, damaged cooling coil repairs, noise issue repair etc. We also ensure that we use genuine parts for repair and guarantees error-free service. No one can predict when an AC gets shut down and ask for repair. We understand how miserable it can be if the repair gets delayed. Therefore, we offer round the clock air conditioning repair in Riyadh for our clients and our experts ensure that the repair is made with ease and with least time consumed. Our aim is to keep your home chilled for the maximum time and keep your relaxed.

No matter which brand of air conditioning repair in Riyadh you would require and no matter how old the technology is, we have experience of handling the repairs skillfully. Our experience has been spread over decades of dedication in providing relentless services to our customers.

Our vision

Our vision is to create an ever-increasingly satisfied and loyal customer base and to achieve that, we strive to go beyond our limits. Apart from providing the services, we also focus on treating customers with respect and courtesy.

Our staff is not only well equipped and well trained, but well behaved too. We not only do what we are best at doing, i.e., repairing, but also delight the customers with our way of handling. We offer free estimates and share sincere advice regarding repairs and replacements of the appliances that are based upon our diagnosis of the issue, the appliance in use and precise calculation of requirements related to load,efficiency, and power consumption.

We Offer Free Estimates

Despite offering a comprehensive, one-stop solution for your air conditioning repair in Riyadh, we do not charge anything unreasonable. All the quotes are made including the visit charges, equipment replacement fee, and labor fee. We provide ease of repair to your appliance with a prompt and cost-effective solution.

Our lines are open 24/7

Apart from air conditioning repair services In Riyadh, Riyadh Cooling Center excels in providing repair and installation services for washing machines and refrigerators round the clock. If you are looking for repairing any of your appliances, please feel free to dial our numbers now and allow us to serve you. Our lines are open 24/7. Hurry up and get a free quote.